Junior Fair Livestock Sale

2015 Sale Committee Members

Jeff Cox, President
Jack Fulton, Vice President
Peggy Six, Secretary/Treasurer

Jacob Buck (4-H Youth), Jerry Buck (Member-at-Large), Jeremy Carr(Sr Fair Director), Taylor Carr)Fed. Hock. FFA Youth), Noah Cox(4-H Youth), Steve Guthrie (Tri-Co. FFA Vo-Ag Adult), Sonia Jarvis(4-H Adult), John Jones(Member-at-Large), Levi Jordan)Alexander FFA Youth), Chase Meeks(4-H Adult), Brian Nicholson(Member-at-Large), David Osborne(4-H Adult), Brittany Pangburn(Extension), Sierra Powell(Athens FFA Youth), Mike Pullins(Fed. Hock. FFA Adult), Scott Rawlins(Sr. Fair Director), Lacy Russell(A thens FFA Adult), Josiah Sifford(4-H Adult),J.C. Varner(Member-at-Large), Josh Vernon(Fed. Hock FFA Vo-Ag Adult), C.J. Williams(4-H Adult)



Jr. Fair Livestock Tag-in times on May 13, 2015 are 6:00 PM-8:00PM--This is a time change from previous years. Tag-in fees have increased to $3 per pen/animal tagged in.

There are changes to the Junior Fair Livestock Tag-In and rules:
Beef Feeder Calves will tag in on Wednesday, June 5, 2015 at 7:00 PM.

Market Goat exhibitors may now tag-in and show up to 4 goats.

Market lambs must have their milk teeth at the time of the fair. Market lambs missing teeth will be disqualified for the market show and sale.

Market hogs will not come to the fair grounds for tagging on May 13, 2015.

2015 Sale Order: Market Dairy Feeders, Market Goats, Market Lambs, Market Swine, Market Chickens, Market Rabbits, Market Turkeys, Market Steers, Beef Feeder Calves


2015 Market Handbook

Visit the Forms page for your Junior Fair Market registration cards

Sale Committee Meeting Schedule: (All meetings are at 7:30 PM in the Secretary's Office unless listed otherwise)






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