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Junior Fair Livestock Sale

2023 Sale Committee Members

Justin Stack - President
Joie Carr-Vice President
Missy Tucker - Secretary

Stephanie Cox - Treasurer

Jeremy Carr, Calvin Jarvis - Sr Fair Director's; Laura Hollon, Abby Casto, Chad Clingenpeel, Markayla Goeglein, Mark Goeglein, Sonia Jarvis, Emma Lucas, Trey Meadows, Jenna Meeks, Bridget Moore - (Extension Agent), Ben Sanders, Brandi Sanders, Bryce Sanders, Josh Vernon

Market lambs must have their milk teeth at the time of the fair. Market lambs missing teeth will be disqualified for the market show and sale.

2023 Sale Order: Market Dairy Steer, Market Lambs, Market Swine, Market Chickens, Market Rabbits, Market Turkeys, Market Beef Steer, Beef Feeder, Market Dairy Feeders, Market Goats, Prospect Heifers



Visit the Forms page for your Junior Fair Market registration cards

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